The Show's Holiday Party Was Complete With Vegan Food And An Early Wrap Up

Yesterday (November 19) The Bobby Bones Show celebrated their successful 2019 year with a holiday party at Bobby Bones house.

The holiday party celebrated many successes in 2019 for the show including their recent CMA Awards win, as well as welcomed a new executive producer to the show. Bones invited everyone over to his house for a two and a half hour party, the menu was picked by Amy and included many vegan dishes for the vegetarian and vegan individuals on the show as well as a turkey for the meat lovers.

After the dinner, artist Travis Denning stopped by the house to perform a few of his songs, some female artist covers, and Christmas songs. Bones chose him as the entertainment for the evening and live-streamed the whole thing so listeners could feel like they were also part of the party. During the evening, Raymundo pulled a Houdini and disappeared from the party early blaming it on traffic, but everyone knew that wasn't the case at 8 p.m. at night.

Watch below as everyone talks about the evening and their favorite parts.

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