TMSG: Deputies Help Veteran Walking 100 Miles to Doctor’s Appointment

Morgan County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that Gerald Baldwin, a disabled veteran, was attempting to walk or hitchhike to his doctor's appointment over 100 miles away.

Baldwin was wearing an oxygen mask during his walk, but knew he needed to get to his appointment. A deputy from Walker County Sheriff's Office saw him and immediately escorted him to the Cullman County Line. At that point, another official took over. Over 4 officials from four counties came together to ensure that Baldwin got his appointment safely. They each drove him to a county line before handing him over to another officer to continue the journey.

Not only did the officials help in his first trip, but they also helped in making sure Baldwin made it back home safely afterwards.

The story was detailed by Morgan County Sheriff's Office online and has since gone viral reaching over 7 million people. The post reads,

On Wednesday in Alabama, a Walker County Sheriff's Office Deputy came across a man walking down the road with an oxygen tank and learned he is a Disabled American Veteran trying to walk/hitchhike from the Jasper area to Huntsville for a Dr. Appointment he was told he could not miss. With no way to get there, he said he started walking.
The deputy acted quickly and escorted the Gulf War Veteran to the Cullman County line where a Cullman Sheriff Deputy picked him up. The deputy then transported him to the Morgan County Line where a Morgan County Sheriff Deputy took over and met a Madison County Sheriff Office Deputy in Huntsville who finished the trip and took the man to his appointment.
After an overnight stay, we were happy to do it all again today..... in reverse to help get the man back home.

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