Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, & Eddie Share Embarrassing Moments At The CMA Awards

CMA Awkward Moments

The 53rd Annual CMA Awards were last night and The Bobby Bones Show members each had some very awkward moments during the special evening.

During the show this morning (November 14) everyone shared a moment that happened with an artist or celebrity while in attendance at the show.

Bobby Bones went with Amy as his date and while the two were hanging out in between commercial breaks they talked with Jessie James Decker. During the conversation, Bones confessed that he was treating her like she was Kristin Cavallari by talking about her stores and other things related to her. He realized that it wasn't the same person and felt incredibly awkward. He says he ended up giving Decker a high five and walking away. He further confessed on the show that he definitely knows who each one is, and doesn't know how he did it.

Amy was backstage when she saw Reese Witherspoon. She couldn't help but go up to her and says that many of the words she had totally escaped her. She fumbled over her words and said to her "I know you don't know me, and I don't know you." Amy says she immediately regretted what came out of her mouth after she said it.

Lunchbox was sitting in his seats for the show when he says LANCO walked by. He stuck out his hand to say hi and give all of them a high five, but they didn't even see him and just kept walking.

Eddie confessed that he ran into Colbie Caillat at the awards. He said he definitely knew who she was, but for some reason called her something to the tune of "Kelly" or "Cali" but not her actual name.

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