Get Paid to Watch Christmas Movies

The countdown to Christmas is on but the holidays are being celebrated NOW!

If you love the holiday season and are obsessed with Christmas/Holiday movies, there is a really cool opportunity waiting for is seeking a "Chief of Cheer" to be it's official judge on holiday movies. One lucky person will be selected to watch 25 Christmas movies in 25 days and must rank each movie on Nostalgia, Heartwarming storytelling, holiday cheer and a few other factors.

You'll be compensated $2,500 for your efforts and you'll get hooked up with subscriptions to just about every streaming service! So if you're planning on watching holiday flicks anyway, why not get paid, right?!

Learn more about the "Chief of Cheer" and apply here. I might have to apply myself lol...

Photo: Mihailomilovanovic - E+ / Getty

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