Teddy Robb

Arista Nashville recording artist Teddy Robb stopped by the KIX studio and stepped into the hot seat to chat with Katie and Perez.

"I grew up an outdoors kid, grew up going out there on ski trips," Robb fondly recalls his time in Vail, Colorado. "So then getting the chance to move out there.... All of that was just incredible."

"I also got my - I guess, if you will - big break out in Colorado, so I can't forget that either."

Robb's song "Shouldn't Drink Around You" is hitting the airwaves now, so how does the singer feel about hearing his song on the radio? "It was incredible. It always felt like it's this dream, this far off thing that if I keep working towards it, maybe it'll happen someday."

"All of a sudden, one day I woke up... and we went to radio and all of these amazing stations adding the song and people getting excited about it... it was just incredible."

Tyler Robb

But this isn't Tedyy Robb's first run in with radio. The singer got his start as an intern at a radio station in Akron, OH.

"I was on the street team," Robb shares.

"I hated that I was on the side having to watch the artists. I was like, 'I want to be that... why isn't that me?' That drove me nuts!"

Check out the full interview - including our lightning round of questions - below!

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