Beware the QR Scam

Scammers gonna scam and when things get popular they're really going to try to find a way to do it. Beware the QR Scam! Of course during the pandemic we all got a little more familiar with the QR codes. Most restaurants opted for these instead of passing around menus.

Scammers found ways to slap QR stickers on parking meters. Of course people thought they were paying for parking when in actuality someone was snatching their bank info. So how can you avoid?

Source: C/Net

Think before you scan. If it's in public, is it a sticker or actually part of a sign? And does the website it takes you to look like what you expect? If not, don't enter any info.

Don't scan codes embedded in e-mails. You're already online -- there's no need for a shortcut to a website. These are almost always scams.

Preview the URL. Even after you scan the code, your phone will preview the URL it wants to open. If it looks weird, stay away. 

Use a password manager. Your phone's password manager can spot a phony website and won't autofill your information.

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