Octopus Lashes Man In Australia - Add That To My List of Creatures To Avoid

There are plenty of animals that have me cautious to visit Australia. SURE if you gave me a free trip I'd go, but you can bet I'll be on the lookout for ALL the deadly animals. Shark, salt water crocs, snakes, spiders, dingos, kangaroos (yea... have you seen them box?) and now I'm adding to the list octopus.

Now the octopus won't kill you; their venmon can sting, but it's meant to kill crustaceans not humans. However, one man got quite the surprise when he came upon the "angriest octopus". He was out with his two year old daughter when he spotted what he thought was a stingray taking down a seagull. Turned out it was a not so friendly octopus so he relocated further down the beach. Twenty minutes later as he was swimming in the water he felt quite the lashing. The creature had tracked him down and swatted him!

Below is the mans footage of the first encounter - the 2nd video shows the effects from the whipping.