Polar Seltzer Releases 2021 Summer Flavors

The world has gone mad for boozy seltzers, but we've been hooked on the virgin kind since 1882! In New England Summer starts on May 1st when Polar Seltzer drops their new summer flavors. AND they've revealed their new line up!

Watermelon Mojito - Tropical Cherry - Pink Summer Iced Tea - Strawberry Margarita - Blackberry Mango Peach

Now that Strawberry Margarita is def a repeat and if you want an easy recipe for sangria I suggest

Mix a bottle of Rose (your pick but if I'm making a big batch I go for the Black Box Wine Rose)

A bottle Strawberry Margarita Polar Seltzer

Add in a little vodka or tequila - this is all up to your liking ... I usually put in about 2 cups

AND top with your favorite fruity juice!

In fact any of the Polar Seltzer Summer Flavors work for this recipe ratio.