It Takes 4 - Top 10 Events You Have To Go Through To Make A "Best Friend"

How long have you known your best friend/friends? I've got quite the lady crew of my own and at this point some I've known for almost 3 decades. WHAAAAT! Well the magic number it takes to become a best friend is about four years on average, but you also have to go through at least four different life events to solidify the bond.

I'd def say at one point we were all nailing 10 out of 10... but with adulthood texting/communicating every day isn't practical... I'd say you're besties are those you can go without chatting/communicating with for a few days and when you do get to catch up you never skip a beat.

Top 10 Things You Must Go Through With A Friend Before They Reach "Bestie" Status ...

1 - Go through a traumatic experience

2 - Go on vacation

3 - Road Trip Together

4 - Talk On The Phone

5 - Showing loyalty/having each other's back

6 - Ask/give advice

7 - Do something crazy together

8 - Text at least once a day

9 - Invite them to every party you throw

10 - Stay up until the early morning hours just talking

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