Lunch Date with Tim McGraw - Grit & Grace Out Today

Growing up I had some country songs I was a fan of... mainly some Garth and a few Faith Hill songs, but it was when I got the first Tim McGraw Hits album that I full fell in love with the country format. Tim McGraw is the reason why I'm in Country Radio!

The tale of our first meetings...

The first time I met Tim McGraw I said nothing I was so nervous. The 2nd was the above photo where I literally choked!!! He started to sing "Amanda" to me and nothing audible came out of my mouth although I'm sure it was moving.

By our third meet with Tim & Faith I was mentally prepared and I told them about the last Soul2Soul tour I saw at the Garden while I was still in college...

My roommate had dumped her beer and went off to the bathroom for towels and returned with an entire roll of brown paper towels. We were so high up in the Garden I thought... let's get everyone to send this roll around! See how far we can spread it out and then shake it so maybe Tim & Faith would see us! Well we got it halfway around the Garden before it ran out, but people didn't quite get the whole standing up and shaking it for attention!

OMG I have an inside joke with Faith...

As Tim & Faith were exiting the room after telling them the story 10 years later Faith looked back at me and said "If I see toilet paper going around the room I'm gonna know who started it".

You see my love for Tim & Faith is deep, but not creepy I swear! Clearly everyone has seen Tim's body transformation over the years. Today he's released a book "Grit & Grace" which chronicles how and why he decided to really take control of his life/fitness.

Personally, I've slipped with my dedication to fitness and subsequently my mental health. Already getting through some of the first pages of this book it's think kick in the ass/inspirational boost I've needed! Just takes a few small steps to regain control!

Take a listen for some tips from Tim on how he really started this journey!

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