Louie Bello "Got It Bad" - I Make An Appearance In It ;-)


It was a show at the Paradise Rock Club where I first came across a one Mr. Bello. Our paths kept crossing and I got to get to know Louie through Friday night chats at The Greatest Bar for Dirty Water Media! It was after one of these chats that Louie invited myself to a music video shoot for his latest release "Got It Bad". Well his jam is dang catchy and I thought... HECK YES let's knock being in a music video off my bucket list. However, the moment had to be something special... CANNON BALL!!! Pops up about 1:10 in the video. My only regret... WHY DID I PLUG MY NOSE??? Amateur status!

In all seriousness if you love the jam download it! And if you want to see Louie live once again this Friday night he will be playing at The Greatest Bar 7-10PM and after Louie and I will sit down for another of our epic chats. Nothing is off the table when we start gabbing ;-)

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