What's Up With All The Squirrels?

I laughed last week when I saw an article about people in New Hampshire complaining about too many dead squirrels in the road. Over the weekend it occurred to me there were a heck of a lot more than usual on the road around Western Mass. During a 5 mile drive I counted about 10 in the road! So what's the deal? 

Last winter there was a surplus of nuts (insert joke here) because of that there was an explosion in population of squirrels. Now getting ready for winter all these extra squirrels are getting a little too risky trying to collect for the winter to come. 

Heads up... if you see one coming toward your car just keep driving straight... don't swerve for your safety and maybe even the squirrel. Often times the erratic running pattern is just a diversion with the squirrel taking your car as a predator. 

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