How Us Millennials Spend Our Moola

People say we spend too much money on coffee and fancy avo toast, but maybe coffee isn't the problem. Could it be eating out in general? 

Online marketplace LendEDU conducted a survey of 1000 millennials (age range 22-37) and found the below breakdown. $163 a month on restaurants and dining out - more than some save for retirement. 

I'm constantly trying to find ways to cut down on costs.... I'd say the below numbers are pretty accurate for my own habits (nix the vaping and ganja cost... but that would go into my gym numbers). Add all those numbers up and that's over $500 a month in expenses. 

Now what about actual bills... car, gas, insurance, cell phone, rent... HOW DOES ANYONE SAVE!!!?

Check out the LendEDU article for more of our habits... where do you cut costs? 

  • $75 per month on alcohol
  • $39 per month on marijuana
  • $281 per month on groceries
  • $49 per month on concerts, sporting events, and other events
  • $43 per month on tobacco, vaporizer, or JUUL products
  • $7 per month on music streaming services
  • $23 per month on gym or exercise expenses

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