Things You Shouldn't Go Into Without A Plan

Lists... I'm generally a big fan of lists and plans. When I go to a restaurant you can bet that I've researched the menu online ahead of time just to see what I'm feeling so I don't hold up the table with indecisiveness. 

When it comes to the grocery store I typically meal plan and write out a detailed list. They say don't go to the grocery store hungry. I say don't go without a plan... it always ends in disaster! Yesterday I had a loose plan of just picking a few things up. Milk, eggs, something for dinner... something for dinner is where I went wrong. I wasn't actually hungry at the time I was shopping so I headed to the freezer section and started to impulse shop. OOOOO Klondike bars on special for $1.99 limit 3! So of course I bought 2 so I didn't feel greedy. As for dinner... didn't feel like cooking so I bought a personal Stouffer's Mac N Cheese. 

Upon arriving at home I realize now I'm ravenously hungry so I heat up that Mac N Cheese and SCARF it! About 30 minutes go by and I decide tonight is the night to do my sprints for my next half marathon training plan. Also great because now Roxy can get some exercise and run up and down the driveway with me. 

We finish. I'm radiating heat and struggling to keep down dinner so I hop into a cold shower. Problem is I start sweating all over again once I'm out. I lay on some towels in the middle of my living room for a good 20 minutes in the AC til my body stops giving off steam. 

Once I return to homeostasis I eat a Klondike bar... and then another because I couldn't decide which flavor I wanted more. Roxy is pooped and so am I so we pass out! 

Fast forward to this morning and I go to 6AM Crossfit... Roxy typically just sleeps until I get home at 7:30AM and then she goes out. Well that sprinting in the heat may have been a little too much for my little girl because when I got home she left a present by the back slider. Not her fault... she tried to get out of the house. 

If I had a plan initially when I went to the grocery store yesterday the sequence of yesterday's events would have been much different... probably a lighter salad and a quick hike for Roxy and I which wouldn't have led to overheating and poop! 

Things in life you should always have a plan for to avoid disaster - 

Grocery Stores 

Netflix (I'm learning you can waste hours if you don't have an idea of what to watch)

And not the I've tried it yet, but marriage seems like something that should have some sort of plan

Any other thoughts? 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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