Sharktivity! The App You Need For The Cape!

A few weeks ago I was debating with friends... should we venture to the ocean or the lake? Well the lake won because I've been paranoid about the sharks! Then someone told me about a little app called "Sharktivity"! It's been pinging like crazy in the last week!!! All the flags below are confirmed sightings of Great Whites! 

Well here's what I've decided A - if you head to a beach in the arm pit you're good! B - I did a little research as to what is more likely to kill you... here's some fun facts. 

Your chance of dying by shark is 1 in 11.5 million 

You're more likely to die by snake, dog, or collision with a deer. And you're more likely to die by vending machine! True story! From 1977-1995 a study was done that found 37 people were killed by these machines. Next time your change gets stuck... maybe you should just leave it :-) 

Download the Shartivity app... it's both fascinating and horrifying, but may make you a little less paranoid if you know where not to go! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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