Another Reason To Work Out On The Regular $$$$

If you check out my Insta @AmandaJoDJ you'll find many pics of myself out on an adventure or in the gym. There are so many benefits of creating a regular workout routine! I try to at least do some sort of structured work out four days a week and on off days I try to at least get outside for a light walk with Roxy! 

I've always been an athlete and as an adult I found working out helped me deal with depression... so there's one big benefit right there. 

It also has a correlation to how much money you make! Now money does not buy happiness, but it can alleviate some life stress for sure. Freeletics did some research and discovered those who are diligent about a workout routine on average make about $75,000 a year where coach potatoes on average make about $50,000. $25,000 is def a big jump! Even working out a few days a week will get you more money. 

SOOOOO... health both physical and mental benefits & more money...heck yes! Carving out extra time I understand can be a pain, but ya just have to do it! I was never much of a morning person, but the only way I get in my time is to hit 6AM classes! It's worth it! 

Here's some more info on the financial and bedroom benefits (did I mention that ;-) of a regular routine! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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