How Did You Get Into Debt?

Higher interest rates on credit cards and so many of us are pushing hard to pay down debt. Don't feel alone... the average American not only has $6300 in credit debt, but about $34,000 in student loans? 

How do we get ahead? Personally this year I've been trying to dig myself out of my own little hole just so that I can feel FREE!!!! I'm always curious though on how we get here... I don't go on crazy vacations and I don't generally buy myself a lot of things. I'd say I've had the same amount of debt for the last three years. I get ahead and I'm feeling like it's going in the right direction and BAM! Something happens to the car, or I have an unexpected vet or medical bill. And then there were those years of weddings! 

The only thing that keeps me from being totally stressed out is that I know I'm not alone. We are all feeling it in some ways. Right now though many struggle to make on time payments. At the very least we should hopefully be able to pay the minimum to keep credit good! (Business Insider)

How did you accrue your little hole of debt?

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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