Bad Ways To Pick Someone Up

Last night I ventured to Hartford for a charity event. While I was stuffing a burger to my face a guy comes over to ask "I was noticing your shirt earlier... what's on it?". 

I reply "It's an Eric Church concert tee". 

Guy then says "Oh Eric Church. Is that country". 

Me - "Yup". 

Guy - "Well I don't really like country at all. Do you actually like it?" 

Me - "Well I am wearing an Eric Church shirt so yea".

He then proceeds to go on and on about not liking country music before I finally share what I do for a living. He takes a bit of a pause and then starts to tell stereotypical country music jokes and asks if I've ever dated my cousin. At that point I swiveled my chair and tried to get involved in my friends conversations. 

My friends did happen to witness it all and tried to save me. However, I kept trying to give this guy chances to have normal conversation, but alas word vomit kept spewing from his mouth. I realize I don't have a typical type of job and it's not a requirement to like country music, but going all out hating on what someone does for a living won't get you far with anyone! 

Has someone ever insulted you while trying to make a new friend? What's the worst thing someone has done or said in trying to pick you up? 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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