How Not To Dress On A First Date

Dating app Zoosk did some research and found 86% of singles say that presentation matters on a first date. The biggest no no being wrinkled clothing! Make sure to invest in an iron or do what I do... invest in a steamer! I burned a hole through one of my shirts in college with an iron and for the most part swear of clothing that requires more than a spin through the dryer. (Moneyish)

Also up there... socks with sandals and Crocs. The only time I find Crocs acceptable is for floating down the river. I've lost so many flip flops tubing in the summer... Crocs at least float if they fall off. However, don't by the name brand if you're only using them for the river you can usually find a cheap knock off at CVS or Target. 

Personally I've never witnessed these things on a date, but I've noticed the opposite of wrinkled. Overdressed! The first ever online date I went on was in 2012. I know this because we went to go see the Hunger Games on a Sunday afternoon. He showed up in a pink button up and his best pressed khakis. For a Sunday afternoon his overdress made me feel a little like he would be the tightly wound type. The dinner to follow only proved my point. 

We ventured after the movie to the Hanger in Amherst which was at the time in a small location. They would keep rolls of paper towels out on the table. When we sat down I noticed him setting the towel upright and rearranging the condiments and shakers. SOOOOOO I just casually kept bumping the paper towels over to see if he would set them upright. Oh yes he did. A little overdressed and a little OCD. Real nice guy, but he didn't make it to date 2. 

A few years later I dabbled with online dating again and went on a date with a guy who was the opposite of online date #1. He basically looked like he came off the street and was growing a shrub on his face. I'm not anti-facial hair, but ya gotta keep that trimmed in some manner. 

He also would mumble in and out of lower tones of Spanish and stare at me for an odd amount of time after I would say something. I finally asked what he was doing during one of these said awkward stares and he said he was just trying to figure out how to respond to me. Unlike him I was speaking English so I don't know why it was difficult to understand his first language. The date lasted a total 45 minutes and when he messaged 3 days later to say "I thought about and I would like to see you again" I did not respond. 

I admit I get in funks when I do wonder what is wrong with me... why am I still single? Then I remind myself of some of my dating horror stories and realize there are just a lot of people out there & many are just weird. Laugh in the meantime and remember your matching weirdo has to be out there somewhere. Until then just make sure your clothes aren't wrinkled! 

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