48 Times Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat!

This shouldn't really be all that shocking when you think about how sweaty one can get at the gym. However, not all work outs can get as nasty! Group classes are on the rise. I LOVE THEM! 

Sometimes you just need a buddy to stay motivated with or maybe you're like me and highly competitive. I tend to pick the person better than I am in a class and try to beat them :-) It helps me push harder and thus far it's worked! 

Group classes on the rise though means more and more people touching things! Barbells are apparently 48 times dirtier than a toilet seat! They get passed around and not always wiped down after use. If you're a serious germ-a-phobe wipe down any equipment before and after use. There's also plenty of spots to sanitize your hands! It will help you avoid the sickness and it's just polite to the next person. 

This study researched some of the most popular group classes to see which had more bacteria! They looked at CrossFit, Barre, Spin, & Hot Yoga. Now my workout of choice apparently is the dirtiest hence why wipe downs are important! Don't let this deter you from any work out you love... just be smart and polite! WIPE DOWN YO SHIZZZZ 

Basic Breakdown... CrossFit equipment had the most bacteria (this should go for free weights at the gym too... WIPE DOWN), Hot Yoga has some serious bacteria too making it dirtier that a toilet seat. Barre & Spin were rated cleaner than the throne. 

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