Another St. Jude Radiothon in the books! I had a few moments on-air this year that hit me in a way that I didn't expect and had full on ugly cry meltdowns & I know not only the stories, but then hearing me react was a bit rough for some. I had many friends that listened in for a few story songs and then had to tell me that they had to turn it off because they immediately started to cry... and yes they donated too. 

Imagine having to listen to all those stories good and bad for 20 hours. I'm not complaining... I mentally/emotionally prepare myself for it every year and it's always worth it because every year YOU come through and help us break a new record for the kids and families of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. However, If any of you feel personally emotionally assaulted by me I do apologize, but if it motivated you to pick up your phone and become a St Jude Partner In Hope this year than I take it back! 

I took the weekend to reset my batteries and decompress and now that it's all sunk in I have a few thank yous in no specific order... 

Our volunteers & sales team who are stationed outside our studios answering phones and listening to every song and break down us DJs may have. 

Restaurants that provided us food to make sure we had the fuel we needed each day... Hot Table, JP's Restaurant, Carrabba's, Texas Roadhouse, & Applebee's. - Everyone learned last year that I have Gremlin style feeding rules & also at times needed to be reminded to eat... Thanks Ashley for regulating! 

Our St. Jude support staff ... Jenn, Molly, Kyle, & Joe! They keep us on point and focused in studio when our minds start to short out and make sure we know it's the Cleveland Browns and not the Texas Browns. 

Our friends in Country Radio/Record Labels for giving us cool incentives from your favorite artists! Stoney Creek Records, Black River Records, Columbia Records, Big Machine Label Group, Taste of Country Music Festival, Custom Picture Framing By Tom Foley! 

Nora our "Social Media Guru" (how I refer to her on-air) & theater consultant. She works for hours before and after everything on-air is wrapped up. She listens to every single story song ahead of time to make sure that what gets put up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram matches what on-air we are talking about & she directs all the videos of us DJs that are placed on social asking you to donate. 

Ashley our Promotions Director and my partner in St Jude Heroes crime (she's always running the half marathons with me & organizing the fun fundraisers we do all year long for St. Jude - Spin & Trivia Nights). Ashley is the organizer of this whole shebang! Volunteers, food, sponsors... everything goes through Ashley! She also makes sure that I'm properly fed... she knows all too well what happens otherwise.  

Alekman Ditusa for once again sponsoring our phone bank and making a generous donation to St. Jude. 

Yankee Candle Village in South Deerfield for once again being amazing partners in raising money for St. Jude! Specifically Laurie who comes in every year to answer phones and every year she brings in her two grandsons Oliver and Owen who donate their own money every year to the kids of St. Jude! These kids at 6 & 10 have been donating for years and have learned the importance of giving back at such a young age! These kids have big hearts and I love it! 

Trent Harmon, Nick Fradiani, & our former fearless leader JT for giving us some of their time to chat about the importance of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

The bosses... Kevin & Rob for always providing technical and emotional support when one (THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE) gets a little stressed. 

MY COHOSTS! Colton & Mike! When we are talking to you every day you see a particular side of us. During these two days we let all the walls down and it can get a little raw and emotional. It can be taxing. I appreciate the support you both provide and humor where it could be inserted to lighten the mood. 

AND OF COURSE... YOU!!!! Thank you for supporting something that is so close to our hearts and something we know is close to yours as well. You helped us top another record for something truly meant to be... St Jude Children's Research Hospital. If you know me well I'm not much of a hugger, but if I could bear hug you all I would!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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