2018 Training Day 1 - Healthtrax

What went through my head this morning as I lay in bed... I DON'T WANT TO, but I know I need to! I'm losing strength, I need endorphins, and I need to get back into a routine!!!! I peeled myself up which lately takes me about 20 minutes and I'm glad I did! Does anyone every really regret a workout? NOPE! 

This year is my 4th year personal training at Healthtrax and the first time I'm working with a lady trainer! After session one I already have a good feeling about Danielle. I told her to kick my ass and she did! We went through 4 different supersets... this was one of the moves in the final set "Body Saws". My abs hurt already. And we finished off the whole workout with a little rowing! I love the rowing machine, but I'll have to make sure to eat a little something on the way to the gym. I'm one of those... I don't typically eat before I workout in the morning. However, I've been eating much lighter lately and didn't have a lot to sustain me from last night. Needless to say there were some moments I felt like I could ralph.

Fitness Goals for 2018 - Half Marathon in May, Khatadin this summer, Half Marathon for St. Jude in November. Working on the muscle... by next week my mission is to add back in some running! 

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