I'm About To Booger Shame

I'm not one to be grossed out easily, but there's some things that to me that are just general hygiene and respect for other people! Let's be honest ... everyone picks their nose sometimes. As an adult you've learned to use a tissue and kids.... well they'll get there. 

I was working a wonderful event this past weekend and I was in charge of managing a game of Plinko. The game was generally for the children, but if an adult asked I let them have at it! Second turns however, I wasn't so willing to hand out. You see we only have so many prizes and if I let everyone play til they win I'd run out fast! PLUS... we need to teach children you won't always win :-) 

About 30 minutes left of the event one mother came back with her adorable little girl and politely asked if she could play one more time. I was a little tired from saying no and explaining why to kids and parents so I looked down at this lovely little girl and observed her finger jammed up her right nostril. I looked back at the mother and said... only if she uses her other hand. Mom laughed a little and proceeded to put the game token in the child's booger hand. Grossed out.... I waited for them to walk away and pulled the game and the tokens so that no one else would touch the booger token. I also sanitized my hands!

Kids don't know better... but dang Mom I called you right out & being that the child was so small you had to physically place the token in her little hand. The booger hand. I appreciate that parenting is hard... I'm amazed by what my friends deal with when I briefly visit with them and their small children that I love dearly. However, they also tell me when to stay away when the kids are sick and instruct their kids on when they're being gross/spreading germs. Was it too much to pull the game? What would you have done? 

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