Taylor Swift Groping Case Not Looking Good For DJ

I vividly can remember the first time my ass ever was grabbed by a man that I didn't know... I was 15 and working in a doughnut shop & the culprit was a regular in his 70s. When it happened I was a bit in shock and just walked into the dish washing room to tell the other girl I was working with what happened. I was a bit in shock and laughed it off thinking WOW! the first time my ass gets grabbed it's by someone my grandfathers age. 

Looking back now A - it's sad that I realized at 15 that may not be the only time that was to happen in my life & B - if it happened now I'd quickly turn on the guy to point out his inappropriateness at the very least. 

Taylor Swift's sexual assault case is in trial this week and I'm so happy she didn't just sweep this under the rug. The alleged groper ... DJ David Mueller who worked at a Colorado radio station. He was fired after Taylor's team reported the incident to the station. He is also trying to sue for defamation/loss of wages. Yesterday Taylor's mom gave an emotional play by play of what happened after this pic was taken. The alleged groper also took the stand and admitted the photo was "weird and awkward". Now I can't say for certain based on this one photo that his hand went up her skirt, but I can say it looks like it's on her ass at the very least... a place it shouldn't be!!! Needless to say this case is not looking good for him. Good! 

Below the photo in question... 

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