Kelsea Ballerini Quitting Twitter For A Bit

Kelsea has taken a step back from social media in the past to focus on the music, but this is the first time she's taken a step back because people are horrid to each other hiding behind their social media! 

I know there's the rule "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all"... however I have a bit of an extension of that rule thanks to social media. No need to be rude to be rude. 

However, sometimes rude people need to be put in their place. Not by tossing back and forth insults on social media... let's be real someone on the other side of the country doesn't care what they may say to you as they will most likely never come face to face with you. I live by ... "if I wouldn't say it to your face, I won't say it at all". Someone is either worth the time or not... and most of these "trolls" online just aren't. No point in engaging someone that is so bored in another state that they're just being awful to get a reaction. And in person... stand up for yourself and others when need be, but first always try to "kill'em with kindness". Sometimes people just need the mirror to realize how cranky they're being. 

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