Double Texting? Is It Dating Desperation?

If you've done the online or app dating you know the struggle... you finally do the phone number exchange and you think great! This person doesn't seem like they're going to make a lampshade out of my skin ...I feel safe enough to give them my digits. 

Then you send a message and you get crickets! You're mildly confused thinking... am I getting ghosted before even a first date! Was my initial message not witty enough! Maybe he's busy... maybe... but what if he's just shunning me! What if I'm getting catfished!!!! OR maybe I should just send him another text... or does that make me look desperate? 

Well research shows the double text actually ups your success in online dating. However, you may only send that second text after four hours of no response from the initial text! Otherwise, yes you do look a little desperate! (more on text timing)

FYI if you have found your forever person be so glad you are out of this game! You may at times think the grass may be greener elsewhere, but I promise you it's not! Since my "Tinder Tuesday" feature & last fail I've sworn it all off! Banking for the good ole fashion finding people through friends or new activities not centered around drinking :-) Until then I'm just gonna live it up with friends and patiently wait for the man that will sing me songs (even if it is just in the car), make me plenty of bacon, and tell me I'm pretty!

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