How To Fight Robocalls!

So the threatening message that keeps getting left on my voicemail has stopped for now...but I'm still getting unknown numbers calling me from "978 and 508" numbers. Stats show that last year consumers received 2.4 billion robocalls per month!!!

Rule #1 DON'T ANSWER if you don't know the number even if the area code is familiar! If its important and a legit person trying to get in touch with you they will leave a legit message. Many of these scams 

Rule #2 - Sign up for the DO NOT CALL list from the government. You should only ever have to sign up once. I double checked to make sure I was on it and was verified that I signed up way back in July 2005. Now this may not exactly cut back on calls, but now you have a place where you can report the phone numbers that are harassing you to the government. 

Rule #3 - There are a number of apps you can download that will recognize robocalls as they come in and send the numbers a message saying that your phone number is not one in service. If the phone isn't in service you are often taken off the robocalls list of numbers. Truecaller, Robokiller, are a few apps you can use. 

Rule #4 - You could give them a taste of their own medicine with the app Jolly Roger Telephone Company - more info on that here 

More tips from the NY Times Below... 

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