Pollen Tsunami Tips!

If you don't suffer from season allergies I explain it to people as feeling like I swallowed kitty litter and feeling someone is squeezing my lungs. In addition to that this season my eyes feel swollen! SO... I did some research... one person reported to this allergy season as a "Pollen Tsunami" ...sounds promising right? 

I've found a number of things that may help if you suffer too. Clearly try to find something over the counter that can help...I've tried most everything and what works the best for me has been Zyrtec D. 

Also... a few other tips ... 

When you get home...change your clothes! If you've been outside your clothes are carrying pollen around with you. 

If you need to be outside...the worst time for you is between 5-10AM so schedule afternoon activity. 

Take a possible and wash your hair after working or playing outside. 

Keep windows closed during pollen season (I know this is tough...I want the fresh air in my home too, but let's be real...the air isn't fresh if it's causing you to suffer)

Neti Pot - yes it's gross, but once a day this helps! 

Raw Local Honey...I've been doing this for years. It may be too late to work, but the idea is that you buy honey most local to where you live. Eat a spoonful of it raw (don't mix with tea) each day. You're basically trying to build a tolerance to the pollen the bees carry in your area. 

That's all I've got ...but if you have any tips throw them my way! My eyes are still so puffy!!!

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