Could OJ Be Getting A Reality Show?

Well he escaped a murder charge, but was convicted of armed robbery. He's been serving up to 33 years in jail, but he soon has a parole hearing coming up and TMZ has reported that numerous TV producers would love to sign him for a reality show! 

Of course last year many were glued to the FX "The People VS. OJ Simpson" and ESPN's OJ:Made In America. I have to say I watched both. FX was basically a recreation of much of what we saw...ESPN's series was more of a look into OJ's complete story and the climate of America during his rise & fall. ESPN also interviewed many people that knew OJ and jurors from the murder trial. After watching the ESPN series if I had any thought that maybe he didn't do it was erased from what some of the jurors revealed. 

SO...he likes the limelight and he needs money when he gets out. Would any go to the Goldman's who he still owes 33 Million from the wrongful death suit? Would you watch? 

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