Beers w/ the Most Loyal Drinkers!

I dabble with micro brews, but there is still nothing better partying all night or on a hot summer day than an ice cold "BL Smoothie" ...what I call a Bud Light! Notice that no light beers are listed so perhaps they are going with the brand as a whole...but there is a major difference between a "Bud Heavy" and a "Bud Light".

Shocked that this tasty treat didn't make the top 10 of the beers with the most loyal drinkers! Where does your go to fall?

1. Coors

2. Corona

3. Yeungling (tie)

3. Samuel Adams (tie) – last year’s winner

4. Michelob

5. Budweiser

6. Dos Equis

7. Busch

8. Heineken

9. Stella Artois

9. Miller (tied)

10. Pabst (Food & Wine)

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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