Country Shows Love To International Women's Day

I would like to clarify one more time.... International Women's Day happens every year on March 8th. 

This year so happened that organizers of the Women's March in January pushed it as "A Day Without Women" encouraging ladies to stay home from work, not spend money, and wear red. IF you so chose to celebrate that way power to you for showing off lady power in how you deemed fit! 

Personally...staying home would have put more work on the men in my building that I know have respect for me. I ran out of dog food and my furbaby needed to eat. And I don't own much red. I think the better way to prove a point yesterday would have been to do what this 10 year old did.

I chose to recognize the day as plain ole' International Women's Day. By giving props to some of the most important women in my life & so did some of our favorite country stars! 

Dustin was my fave... 

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