A Day Without Women - 10 Year Old Nails It!

Today is A Day Without Women/International Women's Day - International Women's Day is the actual day...organizers of the Women's March in January pushed a movement for "A Day Without Women" on this day to encourage women to stay home from work to make a point.

Now I consider myself a feminist. I surround myself with strong women. Everything I do for work/leisure I try to show anything a man can do I can do better :-)  Whatever way you want to scream today "I am woman hear me roar I'm all for it". For me personally staying home didn't seem to make sense...I'd rather use my platform to tell you about women who do some amazing things! 

Now this 10 year old from North Carolina is participating in "A Day Without Women", but she's not just skipping school...she's writing some letters to really get her voice out there! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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