Chris Young Releases Poignant New Single 'If That Ain't God'

Chris Young Releases Poignant New Single 'If That Ain't God'

Chris Young Releases Poignant New Single 'If That Ain't God'

Chris Young has released his powerful new single, "If That Ain't God" on Friday (June 3). The song, which is his first new music shared in 2020, finds Young singing about how God's presence is all around us even if we don't always take the time to acknowledge it.

"It’s such a special song. I think right now a lot of people can use this," Young tells People. "It’s just a positive, uplifting message. It’s talking about some of the things in life that you take for granted, whether it’s little stuff or big stuff, and you look around and you’re like, ‘Man, if that ain’t God, I don’t know what it is.'"

"I was jealous that I had never thought of that title on my own before because it’s just a brilliantly written song," he continued. "[Writers Matt Roy, Mitchell Oglesby and Greylan James] allowing me to be a part of it and put my own spin on it meant the world to me."

"If that ain't God / If that ain't Him / If that ain't the man upstairs somewhere looking down on us again," Young sings in the chorus. "Don't it make you want to pray? / Don’t it make you want to live? / If that ain’t God / If that ain’t God / I don't know what is."

"If That Ain't God" is just a glimpse at what's to come on Young's forthcoming eight studio album. "'If That Ain't God' is not the only new thing that I've added to my record," Young revealed. "I've had records before that are 10 tracks, I've had some that are 11, maybe 12. This one's going to be more than that. So that's the one good thing."

He adds, "I know a lot of people have been waiting on this record. We've already had two singles off of it and haven't put the album out and it's driving everybody nuts because I keep teasing it. So I'm sorry about that, but it's going to be worth it."

Take a listen to Young's faith-filled new single, "If That Ain't God" below.

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