TV Reporter Interrupts Livestream To Rescue Injured Dog in NC Floodwaters

While Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a tropical depression on Friday, heavy rains and flooding are still expected to inundate the region over the next few days. As the storm pushed through New Bern, North Carolina, one journalist reporting on the storm found herself becoming part of the story as she interrupted her livestream to help rescue an injured therapy dog from the rising floodwaters. 

Julie Wilson, a reporter with WTVD, was broadcasting live on Facebook when she came across a woman, who identified herself as Tasha, trying to save her dog in knee-deep water. 

"Do you think that is safe?" Wilson asked her. 

"It's my daughter's therapy dog, I have no choice," Tasha responded. 

Wilson continues reporting on her livestream as Tasha moves inside her home to try and rescue her daughter's injured rottweiler. At one point, people can be seen floating by the journalist, heading for safety. 

"This is no joke, folks, when they tell you, or encourage you to leave," Wilson said, while waiting for Tasha. 

The woman emerges from the home with a black rottweiler and tries getting the pup through the floodwaters. Wilson sees Tasha having trouble, and asks if the dog can be carried. 

"Can we pick this one up?" Wilson can be heard asking Tasha. Then she asks the woman to hold the camera while she picks the dog up herself. 

"You're OK baby girl," Wilson says, trying to calm the dog as they move through the water. Tasha can be heard thanking the reporter several times in the background. 


Once clear of the deeper water, Tasha takes the rottweiler back, telling Wilson that her son is still inside the house, trying to save one more. 

Florence is expected to linger for the next several days dumping several inches of rain and causing severe flooding across a wide swath of the East Coast, according to a statement from the National Weather service. More than 950,000 people are without power in two states. 


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