Shekinah Breaks Silence About Boyfriend Physically Attacking Her (VIDEO)

Yesterday (April 25), we reported that Tiny's BFF and hair stylist Shekinah was physically assaulted by a man. Since then, she's taken to social media to speak about the attack. 

While on Instagram Live, Shekinah confirmed that the man who abused her was her boyfriend. They are no longer together. “Yesterday, I was not in a good space. A lot of people called and text me and I thank you for the love and support. I’m real," she said in the video. "I don’t know if any of y’all know that, and I don’t have anything to hide from none of y’all. Right now I’m sitting over here messed up and I’m going through it. However, I feel like I owe it to y’all because I put it out there to explain my situation. Yesterday, was a bad day. I got into an altercation with someone. It was a bad situation.”

Shekinah continued, “It was something I wasn’t even looking forward to. Yes, I did call the police. I called the police before I went on Instagram. I got pissed off at the police because they weren’t coming. I was like ‘hey, somebody needs to know with this man has done to me. I don’t approve of no woman getting their a** beat.”

Tiny's friend -- and former friend on Tamar Braxton -- also admitted that this was the second physical altercation she had with her ex. “The first time me and this young man got into it we were tussling, because I was hitting him. It ain’t no secret. I was hitting him," Shekinah said. "He accused me of something and I popped him. I was wrong. I take that. The second time he mushed me in my face before I went to The Real’. Let’s get it clear. I didn’t get my a** beat. I got mushed in my face. That was wrong too. Nobody don’t deserve to be mushing nobody in the face. But got mushed.”

Watch a clip of her IG Live video above.

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