Florida Nurses Help The Homeless

I love when people help others. It warms my heart immensely.

This story is pretty amazing.

Nurses from Tampa General Hospital in Florida found a new way to be a blessing to the homeless. They are making sleeping bags with recycled sterile wrap that was just being thrown away.

The sterile wrap they used for the sleeping bags was used to protect surgical instruments. A Nurse Anesthetist, Nicole Hubbard, said, "The beauty about it is they conserve heat and they're waterproof."

What an incredible act of kindness, and with the almost daily rainstorms they get in Florida, this will be a huge help to the homeless.

They've already made about 100 of these sleeping bags.

This would be an amazing thing for nurses up in the Northeast and other areas with cold climates to start doing.

Photo: iStockphoto

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