Redemption Is Sweet: Watch Me Eat A Cream Puff The RIGHT Way

This morning I had the pleasure of finally meeting Chaz The Cream Puff Man!

And of course as we all know, I devoured the Cream Puff at The Big E First Look Tasting a few weeks ago, so I really had something to prove to y'all.

So I admitted my failure to Chaz The Cream Puff Man, and he graciously taught me the proper way to eat a Big E Cream Puff.

Thank YOU Chaz for being so amazing.


I am a visual learner, so when Chaz The Cream Puff Man showed me how I felt super confident.

It may have gotten a little messy, but I'm super proud of this monumental moment in my life!!

Also I'm blaming the fact that I chose the biggest Cream Puff with the most filling haha.


Don't miss out on The Big E September 13-29. That is 17 days of amazingness and...CREAM PUFFS of course. :)



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