Take On The #100HappyDays Challenge With Me

I hope you've heard of the #100HappyDays Challenge.

If not, I'll tell you a little about it, although it is pretty self explanatory.

So pretty much all you have to do is post one picture a day of something that made you happy, whether it be your pet, family, friends, food, an experience, an adventure, it can literally be anything that has brought you joy.

There are a few steps to get started:

  1. Register on the 100 Happy Days website (scroll to the bottom)
  2. Share to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  3. Use the hashtag #100HappyDays everytime you post

If you want your posts to be more private then they have other options for posting. You can use you owh hashtag to limit publicity (let them know how to find your pictures) or to avoid any publicity you can email your pictures directly to MyHappyDay@100HappyDays.com

I've done the challenge a few times in the past 6 or 7 years. Every time I finished I felt so...HAPPY!

It's just such a great reminder that even on your worst days you can find at least one thing that makes you happy.

According to their website only 29% of people who start the challenge actually finish it. Let's bump that number up!

I hope you'll join me this time around. Tag @katiedj89 and or @kix1009 on social media so I can see your #100HappyDays journey!



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