Attempted Death By Mushrooms...Multiple Times

This story is beyond insane to me.

So there's a column on The Cut called "Ask Polly" where you can write in asking her questions about your real life scenarios.

Enter "Disrespected Daughter-in-Law."

Long story short there's a woman who has a severe allergy to mushrooms. One so severe that she has been hospitalized many times. When she started dating her now husband, he told his family about her allergy and what they did next is unfathomable.

Mushrooms at Fruit Logistica Agricultural Trade Fair

When this woman and her husband went to family dinners at her in-laws they always had mushrooms somewhere on the menu. When she was pregnant the husband told his family they wouldn't be going over for family dinners unless they promised to keep them allergy-free. His dad responded, "We can't promise that. Everyone except your wife likes mushrooms, and we're not changing what we eat for one person."

WHAAAAT?!?! Oh my goodness...I could understand if someone doesn't like a food, but an allergy is a whole other level. I'm completely flabbergasted by this story and the reaction of her husband's family.

You can check out a little snippet of the story below.


I find myself laughing at this, but also so angry and I can't understand how people can be so inconsiderate and disrespectful.

It gets even worse. You can read the full story and Polly's response here, which I absolutely love.

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europe



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