Josh Abbott "Clears The List" For Texas Teacher

Josh Abbott Band has been playing country music since 2006.

Amongst all of the tragedy that has been going on in our country the last few days, there's still good that's happening.

Frontman, Josh Abbott, decided to help out a kindergarten teacher with her back to school shopping for her classroom.

A teacher in Beaumont, TX named Courtney Jones started a campaign called "Clear The List." Most teachers have to use their own money to buy classroom supplies, so the campaign is for celebrities and/or the general public to help teachers out.

Enter a tweet from Texas teacher, Bree Zachary.


Josh didn't just help her out with a few items, instead he bought EVERYTHING that was left on her list.


This makes my heart so happy. There needs to be more people like Josh Abbott in the world.

Photo: iStockphoto



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