Morgan Wallen Gets A Visit From His Mamaw

Morgan Wallen is a busy man, but not too busy to spend some time with the people that are most important to him.

Over the weekend, his Mamaw Kay came to one of his shows in Charlotte. It was her birthday and the smile on Morgan's face explains his adoration and love for her.

I love the fact that Morgan is so close to his Mamaw. I am the exact same way with my grandma and was that way with my Memere, my great grandmother) up until she passed away two years ago. There's just something really special about that bond with our grandparents.

Shay Mooney, who is on tour with Morgan, had nothing but good things to say about Mamaw Kay! "Mamaw Kay is literally my Mamaw now. So I hope that’s okay. Biscuits and gravy is happening way sooner than you can think." Mmm. Biscuits and gracy are delicious. How can I get in on this action.


Morgan Wallen is currently on tour with Florida Georgia Line for their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour.

Photo: Rick Ker/Getty Images North America



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