LISTEN: Mitchell Tenpenny Teases New Song

Mitchell Tenpenny has been teasing a new song for five days. First with just an instrumental with a date. Then he introduced us to Judy, a blow up doll. Then he gave us some lyrics with Judy haha!

The song is called "Anything She Says" and I'm loving it so far. It features the band Seaforth, who hail from Australia. I can't wait to hear the whole thing and thankfully I won't have to wait that long. The song drops in TWO days (July 25)!!!

You can see Judy in action and listen to the teaser below.


I can't get enough of Judy. She cracks me up!

Side note on the first time I met Mitchell Tenpenny:

I went up to him gave him a dime and said, "Mitchell Tenpenny, you're a dime." He then took the dime and put it in his pocket and said, "This is my lucky dime, thank you!"

Yes I'm fully aware that I'm a huge dork but I'm fine with it haha!



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