LISTEN: Unreleased Luke Combs Song "Reasons"

LUKE COMBS...that's all I really have to say, right?!

I mean come on! This guy is incredibly talented, and literally every song he has released has been a smashing hit. He's so amazing that his unreleased songs would be hits too.

Seriously though, Luke Combs could write a song about what he ate for dinner last night and I would be a fan of it. The guy is a star.


He captioned the video, "Reasons (unreleased song). There are a lot of things out there that happen that I don't always understand, so I wrote a song about it called 'Reasons.' Hope y'all like it."

I'm only speaking for me here, but I love it! It's such a relatable song.

Hey Luke Combs, if you're reading this please release "Reasons." It's too good not to.

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images



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