WATCH: Elephant Slaps Girl Taking Its Picture

Imagine trying to take a picture of an elephant and then BAM! Elephant trunk to the face.

That's exactly what happened to this girl. She was going to snap a picture of a beautiful elephant that clearly did not want its picture taken. The elephant, with no warning, wound up its trunk for a huge slap across the face.

There was a group of teenagers looking at the elephant and touching its trunk, but when it came to a photoshoot the elephant just wasn't feeling it.

Listen, I get it...sometimes I feel like doing the same thing to people trying to take my picture haha.

Maybe I'm a terrible person, but I seriously can't stop laughing at this video.


After the elephant smacked the teenage girl, it proceeded to try to grab the phone that was knocked on the ground.

Moral of the story: Don't take someone's picture without permission.

Photo: AFP



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