Couple Plays Ping Pong On A Moving Train

Ping pong...on a 6 New York City...while it's moving...MIND BLOWN!

No joke, a couple started playing ping pong in the middle of a train in NYC.

I'm thoroughly impressed with a couple things in this video. First off, I have a hard enough time just standing up on a train. Second, I can't play ping pong when the table is stationary in a room. With that being said, the fact that these two can play ping pong on a moving train without falling over or looking like fools is unreal to me.

Watch for yourself below!


As impressed as I am, apparently not everyone was a fan of this couple's shenanigans. In fact, some people felt very strongly about the events that took place.


Welp. I dig it! I feel like ping pong on public transportation can become a thing.

Before I end is my absolute favorite tweet reply.


I am seriously dying laughing. For those of you who don't know, I play jai alai, so this completely made my day. This guy wins the internet.

Photo: iStockphoto



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