4th Of July Pet Safety

Loud noises, big bangs, lots of people, and other terrifying things are all dogs see (or hear) on the Fourth of July. Although it may be fun for us as humans, dogs don't appreciate the festivities as much as we do.

Lake Union 4th of July Fireworks and the Seattle skyline, as seen from across Elliott Bay at Seacrest Park in West Seattle, WA, USA

If you're going to fireworks, a parade or a big party – please leave your dog(s) at home. We want our best friends to be happy and safe during this holiday. There are some things you can do to make that happen:

  • Watch for signs of anxiety
    • Shaking, panting, shivering, trying to hide, salivating, accidents in the house, clinging to you, etc.
  • Music
    • Leave classical or reggae music on when you leave
    • Leave the television on for background noise
  • LEASH!
    • If you're going to take your dog with you, make sure they are leashed so they can't run away if startled
  • Exercise
    • Tire your dogs out before fireworks – hopefully they'll be able to sleep through the noise
  • NO Alcohol
    • If you're bringing your dog to a party make sure they don't get into any alcohol – it can poison them
  • ID
    • Proper ID tags are recommended – if your dog runs away, they can be brought back safely and quickly

Maia says, "Happy Independence Day," to all the humans and doggies. She wants everyone to stay safe, especially her four-legged friends.

A lot of these things are common sense, but in the chaos anything can happen. Keep an eye on your dogs and give them a few extra cuddles.

Have a wonderful 4th everyone :)

Photo: iStockphoto



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