Interactive Dog Bone

If you have a dog then you know how hard it is to leave their adorable faces in the morning to go to work. Believe me when I tell you I know exactly how that feels. I wish I could take my dog, Maia, everywhere I went, but that's just not possible. I may have found something to lessen the pain when you leave though.

Knowing that your dog won't be bored sitting alone at home while you're working makes the leaving part a little easier right?

That's where Wickedbone comes into play...literally. It is the world's first smart, interactive dog toy. Take a look to see how it works.


This dog toy is controlled by an app, which makes it super interactive for you and your dog. It reminds me of a video game, just with your dog instead of a screen. You can customize the speed, swerve and acceleration of the toy. The tires on the sides of the bone are removable for easy cleaning or changing the color from time to time. It has a rechargeable battery that charges in one hour and gives you 30+ minutes in App mode, 2+ hours in interactive mode and 1 month in sleep mode.

Hopefully Wickedbone can keep your dogs from chewing up everything when your gone.

It'll cost you $139.99 on Amazon with the interchangeable tires costing $29.99 per color. It seems a little pricey, but can you really put a price tag on your dog's happiness?!

The creators, Cheerble, have another product called the Wicked Ball, which can be used with cats as well, which only costs $34.


Would you get either of these fun, interactive toys for your pets?

Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images



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