Everyone Needs A Golfer Name

About 40 miles south of the Pioneer Valley — in my hometown of Cromwell, CT — the Travelers Championship is getting ready to go down at TPC River Highlands June 20-23.

I used to sell water and soda to people waiting in traffic when I was a kid. I would set up shop again, but now I'm 30 and not as cute as I once was!

In honor of the tournament, you have to get yourself a professional golfer name. So, how you do this is simple:


According to Twitter user Jonny Blain, "Get your American golfer name by using the last thing you purchased online followed by the surname of your favourite actor and then any number between 1 and 3."

That sounds familiar...

U.S. Open - Round Three

I feel like this might be how Tiger Woods got his name!

My golfer name would be Markers McAdams III, which I think is pretty solid.

You have to check out some of my favorites below!


Mullet Cooper III? 😂

What about this Keanu fan?


Looks like Seb's a Godfather fan.

These are seriously too good. I could look at them all day!

What would yours be?

You can catch the tournament on GOLF Channel or CBS, or you can take a short ride down to see it in person.

Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images North America



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