Brett Eldredge speaks out about struggling with anxiety

While Brett Eldredge seems like a fun loving and easy-going guy, he openly admits that he struggles with debilitating anxiety.

In 2018, Brett shared that he had been relying on journaling to help ease the tension, but now he is back and has another helpful tip to share.

As it turns out, meditation has been playing a big role in helping to ease his thoughts. "I'm big into meditation now," Brett said on the Today show. "I've struggled with anxiety all my life. A lot of people never knew that. I recently started talking about that. I started getting into meditation, more working on myself, and I figured out how much we chase our millions of thoughts every day. We have hundreds of thousands of thoughts. You can either chase down those thoughts, or you can see them as they are, if you look at them a different way. My life has changed, it's completely different.”

The impact that meditation has had on Brett has been pivotal in his lifestyle and he has learned to love and accept himself and the people around him.

"It's still the same Brett, but in a different way," explained Brett. "I learned to love myself more and accept myself and the people around me. Not chasing down the worries and worst-case scenarios and all that stuff, and really just enjoying life a lot more, doing things I love and am passionate about. [I'm] realizing you don't have to be perfect, you can just be you, and here I am."

Brett credits his precious pup Edgar Boogie for also playing a role in lowering his anxiety and stress.

“I love having him around. I love getting off stage, after I've sang in front of thousands of people and he's sitting there waiting for me. It's a weird experience that's hard to explain to people. You have this giant adrenaline – I've sang in front of 30,000 people and gone to an empty bus and been like, 'What do I do now? I can see my pup and go relax, and know that he's happy to see you, and everything's good in the world. I think that's an amazing thing to have. He's a good bud."

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