Bobby Confesses Weird Eating Habit With Cough Drops

On The Bobby Bones Show today (September 25), Bobby Bones was talking about his eating habits.

He shared how he likes to eat a meal at home, but afterwards he always needs something sweet. He confessed that whenever there isn't candy, or something to eat that's sweet, he reaches for the medicine cabinet. He needs the "little something sweet" so much so that whenever he can't find something sweet, he will eat a cough drop to get the taste of sweetness.

While talking to the other members of the show he said cough drops are great fo the quick little fix, but he doesn't love when you have to crack it in your mouth and get the medicine taste instead. Though, he would rather have that than nothing sweet at all. He added that his girlfriend tries to get him to stop doing it, but he just can't help his sweet needs.